Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wearing dresses/skirts

For quite a while now the Lord has put in my path women who only wear dresses or skirts.  I've read quite a few books on the matter and have felt drawn to do this several times over the years.  The thing is I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.  I always have been.  So I don't own a lot of skirts or dresses and the ones I do I don't wear all that often.  But that being said today is day two of another attempt at just wearing skirts or dresses.  Truth be told I don't think I own a dress.  I tend to favor skirts.  I am going to be on the look out for a comfortable skirt to mow the grass in.  My skirts are all long and flowing and I don't think that will be suited to one of my favorite chores.  Lawn mowing.  I really don't like how I look in skirts/dresses either.  I am overweight and I just don't like how dresses and skirts fit all that much.  But I will slowly have to grow my closet and see if I can make this work. Wish me luck! 

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