Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wearing dresses/skirts

For quite a while now the Lord has put in my path women who only wear dresses or skirts.  I've read quite a few books on the matter and have felt drawn to do this several times over the years.  The thing is I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.  I always have been.  So I don't own a lot of skirts or dresses and the ones I do I don't wear all that often.  But that being said today is day two of another attempt at just wearing skirts or dresses.  Truth be told I don't think I own a dress.  I tend to favor skirts.  I am going to be on the look out for a comfortable skirt to mow the grass in.  My skirts are all long and flowing and I don't think that will be suited to one of my favorite chores.  Lawn mowing.  I really don't like how I look in skirts/dresses either.  I am overweight and I just don't like how dresses and skirts fit all that much.  But I will slowly have to grow my closet and see if I can make this work. Wish me luck! 

Midnight Ponderings

As I lay awake unable to turn my brain off at night sometimes God gives me insights into myself.  I remembered a debate I got into on Facebook with someone over gay marriage. As I am a Catholic faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church I really don’t feel the need to go into my position on it here.  That being said I was debating this with her.  I prayed and felt the Holy Spirit with me in this exchange.  But I quickly realized, too, that the devil was doing his best to thwart my efforts at helping her to see the truth.  I realized this because my computer kept locking up.  I would have to restart the computer every single time I tried to type a response to her.  It got me so frustrated that each time I did that I wouldn’t say what I wanted to say quite as eloquently as I had the first time.  I could only pray that I had somehow planted a seed.  My computer had not done that before and it hasn’t done it since.  Which led me to wonder.  Maybe it hasn’t done it since because I haven’t said anything that the devil feels the need to thwart.  I haven’t been saying anything that makes the devil uncomfortable.  If I am not saying or doing anything that makes the devil uncomfortable I am failing at the call from the Church to evangelize.  Just the midnight pondering of a simple Catholic women.  Like it or not.


I have said this many times before and I fear it needs to be constantly repeated.  Truth is not relative.  It doesn’t fluctuate with “the times”.  It doesn’t change according to what each individual perceives it to be.  Truth is truth.  There is only one truth and it never changes.  We have a multitude of religions now and everyone claims theirs to be the true religion. There can only be one that is true.  The Holy Spirit can not be divided.  There is only one truth.  I think that the vast majority are leaving religion because they have too many options and rather than research and truly seek the truth they take the easy way and decide to not decide. People have decided to do their own thing and have convinced themselves that it’s all good and everyone gets to heaven in their own way. In deciding not to seek truth they have to let everyone else just think and do whatever they want, as well.  The thing is with this thought people who actually stand by and hold to core beliefs threaten them.  They force them to see that maybe not everyone can be right and in doing so they become the enemy.  But it is what it is.  Truth is not relative no matter if you want it to be or not.  There is only way true way to heaven.  If it were as easy as everyone nowadays thinks it is then Jesus sure wasted a lot of time warning us about hell and telling us that the path to heaven is a narrow one.  And since Jesus didn’t waste one little bitty second of His time on earth but spent every breath to save your soul you would be wise to take heed.  Stop being lazy and start researching.  Start with the Catholic Church.  She has held the keys from the beginning and she is the one who will show you the way to that narrow path and if you listen to her you will find yourself crawling on that narrow path towards the truth that as a people our souls all crave.


Religion has become the new four letter word. People like to claim that they don’t need a religion.  They have God in their heart.  Religion is dead and God is the living God.  So they have their own spirituality and people who follow a religion are just following empty rituals and not really close to God.  Let me make something clear.  My religion brings me closer to God.  It doesn’t separate me from God or waste my time.  Every ritual that you claim is empty is geared towards bringing my mind and body closer to God.  It is the physical action to the mental prayer. Every statue or picture you like to claim is an idol actually allows me to lift my mind to heaven.  Every prayer you say is just repetitive and empty words while holding pointless beads, are prayers said to speak my words to God while meditating on His goodness.  Every bead I touch or crucifix I hold is a way to touch my King until I may someday get to touch Him in forever.  Do you see all my senses are engaged?  The hearing, the sight, the touch, even the scent through the smell or incense or candles, and the taste when I am blessed enough to receive my King in the Eucharist.  My whole being is engaged in raising my soul up to God.  So maybe you don’t need what you see as a silly ritual or religion but that silly ritual and religion lifts my entire being up to my Christ Crucified for me. So those of you who claim to be above those of us who “need” a religion you are the poor soul missing out. Not I.  I am completely and fully engaged in drawing myself to my Lord with every gift He has given me.  So I will stay Catholic whether you like it or not.

Our Lady of Mental Peace

I suffer from anxiety.  I have always been a worrier but when we started the financial down slide that came with the housing crash and it became more and more evident that we would lose our house I began having full blown anxiety attacks.  We have since lost our home but by the grace of God were able to find another place to live and even though it is small and in need of work I see the immense blessing in that.  This, however, has not helped ease my anxiety as it still continues to get worse.  I cling to prayer and pray that this too shall pass. I found a holy card with a prayer to Our Lady of Mental Peace.  I thought I would share with you all.

O Lady of Mental Peace, Mother of tranquility and Mother of hope, look upon me in this time of my weakness and unrest.  Teach my searching heart to know that God’s love for me is unchanging and unchangeable; and, that true human love can only begin and grow by touching His love.  Let your gentle peace-which this world cannot give-be always with me. And, help me to bring this same peace into the lives of others.

Our Lady of Mental Peace.- Pray for me!

God Bless

Getting Started

This blog will be a place for me to write my opinions on what is going on in the world, my life, or the Church.  You can like it and agree with me, or not!  Either way it’s my view on things and I hope that along the way some of the things I share will register with others.  But if not that is okay, too.