Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Midnight Ponderings

As I lay awake unable to turn my brain off at night sometimes God gives me insights into myself.  I remembered a debate I got into on Facebook with someone over gay marriage. As I am a Catholic faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church I really don’t feel the need to go into my position on it here.  That being said I was debating this with her.  I prayed and felt the Holy Spirit with me in this exchange.  But I quickly realized, too, that the devil was doing his best to thwart my efforts at helping her to see the truth.  I realized this because my computer kept locking up.  I would have to restart the computer every single time I tried to type a response to her.  It got me so frustrated that each time I did that I wouldn’t say what I wanted to say quite as eloquently as I had the first time.  I could only pray that I had somehow planted a seed.  My computer had not done that before and it hasn’t done it since.  Which led me to wonder.  Maybe it hasn’t done it since because I haven’t said anything that the devil feels the need to thwart.  I haven’t been saying anything that makes the devil uncomfortable.  If I am not saying or doing anything that makes the devil uncomfortable I am failing at the call from the Church to evangelize.  Just the midnight pondering of a simple Catholic women.  Like it or not.

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