Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Religion has become the new four letter word. People like to claim that they don’t need a religion.  They have God in their heart.  Religion is dead and God is the living God.  So they have their own spirituality and people who follow a religion are just following empty rituals and not really close to God.  Let me make something clear.  My religion brings me closer to God.  It doesn’t separate me from God or waste my time.  Every ritual that you claim is empty is geared towards bringing my mind and body closer to God.  It is the physical action to the mental prayer. Every statue or picture you like to claim is an idol actually allows me to lift my mind to heaven.  Every prayer you say is just repetitive and empty words while holding pointless beads, are prayers said to speak my words to God while meditating on His goodness.  Every bead I touch or crucifix I hold is a way to touch my King until I may someday get to touch Him in forever.  Do you see all my senses are engaged?  The hearing, the sight, the touch, even the scent through the smell or incense or candles, and the taste when I am blessed enough to receive my King in the Eucharist.  My whole being is engaged in raising my soul up to God.  So maybe you don’t need what you see as a silly ritual or religion but that silly ritual and religion lifts my entire being up to my Christ Crucified for me. So those of you who claim to be above those of us who “need” a religion you are the poor soul missing out. Not I.  I am completely and fully engaged in drawing myself to my Lord with every gift He has given me.  So I will stay Catholic whether you like it or not.

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