Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have said this many times before and I fear it needs to be constantly repeated.  Truth is not relative.  It doesn’t fluctuate with “the times”.  It doesn’t change according to what each individual perceives it to be.  Truth is truth.  There is only one truth and it never changes.  We have a multitude of religions now and everyone claims theirs to be the true religion. There can only be one that is true.  The Holy Spirit can not be divided.  There is only one truth.  I think that the vast majority are leaving religion because they have too many options and rather than research and truly seek the truth they take the easy way and decide to not decide. People have decided to do their own thing and have convinced themselves that it’s all good and everyone gets to heaven in their own way. In deciding not to seek truth they have to let everyone else just think and do whatever they want, as well.  The thing is with this thought people who actually stand by and hold to core beliefs threaten them.  They force them to see that maybe not everyone can be right and in doing so they become the enemy.  But it is what it is.  Truth is not relative no matter if you want it to be or not.  There is only way true way to heaven.  If it were as easy as everyone nowadays thinks it is then Jesus sure wasted a lot of time warning us about hell and telling us that the path to heaven is a narrow one.  And since Jesus didn’t waste one little bitty second of His time on earth but spent every breath to save your soul you would be wise to take heed.  Stop being lazy and start researching.  Start with the Catholic Church.  She has held the keys from the beginning and she is the one who will show you the way to that narrow path and if you listen to her you will find yourself crawling on that narrow path towards the truth that as a people our souls all crave.

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